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Visa Gift Card 

Meet all of your gift giving needs with a prepaid card.  It's like a gift certificate that can be used virtually anywhere VISA Debit cards are accepted.


 Gift card benefits -

Accepted anywhere Visa Debit cards are welcomed.

Safer than cash - if it is lost or stolen, unused portion can be replaced.

Can be used 24 hours after card has been sold and activated.

How the gift card works -

For the purchaser - Buy a gift card at your credit union with cash, check or just as you would at a store.  There is a charge of $2.75 per card.

For the recipient - Use it just like a VISA Debit card for purchases up to the gift card limit.



Introducing the new way to have cash for your get a ways!!

The CuMoney Visa TravelMoney Card


* Safe, secure, and cancelable if lost or stolen

* Reduces fears of Identity Theft

* Accepted worldwide at Visa locations



* ATM and PIN access

A one time fee of $5.00 per card

Instant issued from Credit Union

Minimum load is $ 100; maximum value on card is $ 1,000

Funds can be loaded from your "savings account" at the Credit Union, or from your own checking account

How do I get the VISA Cards?

For more information on our prepaid cards, please contact us at the Bradford Area Federal Credit Union by calling (814) 362-6779 or stop in an see us today!

Bradford Area Federal Credit Union
11 East Washington St.  Bradford, PA 16701  McKean 814/362-6779 Fax: 814/362-1438

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